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The Wands for Oracle and SAP allow you to leverage your existing Excel skills and combine these with fast and easy access to the data in your ERP.


The Wands are Excel-based financial and operational reporting solutions that give you real-time ERP data refreshes with ad-hoc inquiry and drill downs to the related details so you can spend your time analyzing the data, not exporting and formatting it.

  • Tailor-made for Oracle and SAP
  • Connect using ERP security settings – Drill down to detail for advanced analysis
  • Operational, Management & Statutory Reporting
  • Slice-and-dice analysis
  • Monthly reconciliations


GL Wand (EBS & SAP)

GL Wand is an add-in to Microsoft Excel that allows for real-time financial reporting on Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) or SAP data. It is integrated with your ERP, which means that it is possible to download the software, rapidly install and begin reporting all under one hour, with no lengthy implementation required.


Reports Wand (EBS & SAP)

For reporting over all other modules outside of GL (EBS) and FICO (SAP) you can use Reports Wand. As with GL Wand the Reports Wand tool will add an extra tab to your Excel interface that functions as an ERP client within Excel. For EBS, Reports Wand can also serve as the perfect replacement for Oracle Discoverer.



Budget Wand (EBS)

This Excel-based reporting and budget-loading solution lets you create, load, and analyze budgets, better and faster. Mass create and distribute budget models, create rolling forecasts, and develop cost allocation models and dynamic dashboards so you can meet your important financial budgeting and forecasting requirements. The add-on Advanced Insights gives you 300+ report templates as a starting point either to run out of the box or to further customise.

Planning Wand (SAP)

This Microsoft Excel add-in allows for the validation and uploading of planning data from Excel into SAP. Planning Wand, used with GL Wand, transforms Excel into the front end for SAP planning functionality so that you can create, modify, and upload new plans easier, faster and more frequently. Planning Wand supports Cost Planning, New GL Planning, Activity Planning, PCA Planning, and SKF Planning and helps you Access SAP T-Code reports or SAP Queries (SQ01) already existing in SAP.



Report Distribution Manager

After you’ve created or scheduled your month-end or ad-hoc reports you might want to share them with others in the organization, or even with external stakeholders. For this you can rely on RDM. The Wands’ Report Distribution Manager can help you automate the mass creation and distribution of reports, further reducing Finance’s workload. RDM uses a simple wizard to schedule reports and create distribution lists for output of high-level or detailed reports to email, shared folder or both.

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- GL Wand

- Reports Wand

- Budget Wand


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