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With Atlas you gain live access to data in your Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations ERP. Atlas allows you to report over all modules in Dynamics.

Atlas can also blend in data from other systems. Analyse your data from different dimensions and drill down from summary to transactions with just a few clicks.

Atlas will revolutionize your month-end close, reconciliation and consolidation processes and save you lots of time by scheduling and automating the majority of your repetitive manual steps. Then create distribution lists and let Atlas do the rest. Atlas can be live in under an hour and its 150+ report templates will help your users hit the ground running.

  • Boost data analysis with sidebar drill down
  • Publish to PowerPoint, Outlook, and Power BI on desktop or mobile
  • Import updated journals, timesheets, budgets, forecasts
  • Eliminate errors caused by downloading or manually re-keying data


If you find the Dynamics’ native reporting capabilities cumbersome, slow and not flexible enough for your needs, chances are that you are extracting data into Excel and then run macros, lookups and pivots to get to the answer you need. And how about the pain of having to consolidate data from various entities and the often repetitive process of re-keying data for your month-end close. Do you recognise this? So did the 1000s of companies that have overcome these pains by adopting Atlas. Reporting with Atlas is easy and fast, and because Atlas uses the Dynamics security profiles, it is also completely safe. ​



The fastest way of uploading data into Dynamics is by using Atlas’ upload feature. Use the upload wizard to either bulk upload records from one of the provided templates, or create a new custom upload template from scratch. If you have bulk amendments to do, Atlas is your friend. Download the data into a spreadsheet, amend, then validate the data so you can fix any issues before you load the data back into Dynamics.




How often do you want to run reporting or uploading tasks? Every minute? Day? Week? Atlas can schedule complete reports, uploads, individual steps or sequences of steps. You can set Atlas to overwrite reports or create new ones and then automatically distribute these reports, delivering them to Dynamics users, but also non-ERP users and even external stakeholders.

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